Prévu x Made By Dyslexia

Prévu x Made By Dyslexia

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2022 has been a huge year for Dyslexic Thinking. It's the year that the world finally recognised Dyslexic Thinking as a skill. It's the year that Dyslexic thinking officially entered the dictionary as a noun. And it's the year that the world's BIGGEST careers platform, LinkedIn, recognised Dyslexic thinking as a skill. This year, we've teamed up with Global charity Made By Dyslexia, a charity that has always occupied an important place in the heart of Prévu’s founder, Jake Hall. 

For many years Jake struggled through his time at school, not quite understanding why he found it so difficult to learn and focus, he used getting into trouble as a coping mechanism so that he wouldn’t have to face the worry and shame of falling behind in class.  

After leaving school, he was finally diagnosed with dyslexia, and things began to make sense. He recognised that the problem lay in the lack of support within the school system, and decided to use his diagnosis to his advantage. 

Working harder than ever, Jake decided that Dyslexia would no longer be something that held him back, or be something that he was ashamed of. “I look at it as my superpower. It's made me think differently to other people, I feel like it's made me a lot more creative and I am proud to be made by dyslexia."

“We believe in the game-changing power of Dyslexic Thinking. After all, everything from the light bulb to the iPhone, the aeroplane to the motor car, was invented by a dyslexic mind. And our skills are vital in shaping the future too.” - Made By Dyslexia (2022), Our Purpose. 

Giving back to a charity who’s purpose is to redefine Dyslexia through helping people to understand and value what it really is has been something very important to Prévu. In collaboration with MBD, we have created a Made By Dyslexia T-Shirt, where 25% of all proceeds from this t-shirt will go to charity. 

We would love for you to join us in supporting the global Dyslexia community. Donate through purchasing our T-Shirt here

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