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The Journal: Prevu x Maverick Sabre

The Journal: Prevu x Maverick Sabre

3 minute read

How It All Started... 
Maverick: We’d been speaking a while and I saw one of Jake’s posts about a period of time that he had been through and it touched base with me, so I reached out to him man to man. I respected how open and honest he was about his mental health, and we agreed to meet up. 
Jake: We had a proper deep chat which was good. We could relate to each other, and something just connected so we both thought let's do something. Something that helps other lads speak out. 
Maverick: It’s a beautiful thing at the moment that mental health is being spoken about so much. Not in a preachy way but in a real honest way. 
Jake: And honestly, I didn’t fully understand mental health until I went through it myself. For me there was a transition and I felt like I needed to speak about it because there is someone else that will be going through it right now and maybe seeing someone else speak about it will encourage them to chat to someone. I thought I was in a world of my own and knew that this isn’t normal. Then when I started talking to people that’s when I realised it wasn’t just me, these mad thoughts – other people go through that too. 
Thoughts Behind The Collection... 
Maverick: I’ve always connected with Prevu’s clothes, and we first started talking about colour palettes and minimalism. With your mental health, minimal spaces, a lack of clutter and certain colour palettes can make you feel better, these things can affect your health. 
 Jake: We were talking about how the clutter of clothes I’ve got can stress me out in the morning and that sometimes can start my day off in a negative way. Then we realised there were colours that you wear all the time and certain colours I wear all the time. We wanted a little collection where each piece pairs with each other, and you don’t have to think too much about it. That is where it started and for me, having things more minimal clears my mind massively, that’s what this collection is all about. 
Jake & Mav On Repton Boxing Club... 
Jake: Repton, for me, is one of the most famous boxing gyms in the world. It represents tough, hard men who train a lot – Lads that don’t want to open up about mental health and talk about it. We thought what a place to be in and be in the middle of the ring and chat about mental health. 
Maverick: Coming to a boxing ring is a representation of no matter what kind of individual someone is they could be in a space where it’s providing the ultimate cover up of how they feel inside. These are the spaces we need to get into – The beauty of a boxing club is people are already in a space of looking after their physical and mental health and it’s sometimes just about having a conversation opener so some lads can feel comfortable speaking. 
The collection launches 9am, Friday 27th May with all profits going to CALM and PIETA.
Please refer any donations to:


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