Summer 2020: Style Highlights

Summer Highlights:
Our Picks

Sam Fletcher


Summer 2020. We’re not sure where it went either. After the dooming prospect of being locked indoors to the irresistible temptation to eat out 3 times a week, it’s been a rollercoaster for sure. Although, in hindsight and with the optimism of a new found normality; it’s been fun!


We’ve been continuously working hard at new designs, future projects and potential growth for the foreseeable which, as we all know, can distract us from reflecting on how the past few months have been, and the things that we’re proud of.


New categories have been a thing for 2020: with the introduction of tailoring, gym wear and of course the progression of our signature- the twinset. See below for 3 key styles fit for the end of summer.


01. Polo Shirts

A masterpiece for evening attire, the polo shirt combines smart with comfort, if worn well. This summer we’ve really honed in on our collar designs, alternating from zip up to revere, both of which offer alternate moods dependent on the occasion. Best selling revere collars include Gomera, Calvia, San and Aruba, composed as part of a matching set or individuals. One thing to consider when styling the polo is your overall balance: a revere collar we’d encourage a slim/straight fit pant, like Aruba for a relaxed, comfort finish. Zip collars are worn best with shorts- try Bavaro for that.


03. Athletic Leisure

#prevuathletic arrived! We’d been hinting for some (a very long) time so we’re extremely proud to finally share the months of hard work and dedication given to the category. Whether it’s genuine workout-wear or better worn for day to day activity, our gym lifts the weight off having to think too much: whether it’s working out or walking to the kitchen before starting your day from home.


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