What To Gift This Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day. A beautiful celebration of love and affection for someone special. Whether it's you or someone else. Either way, it's a chance to buy something nice in the name of love. Or vanity.
But we get it, the choice can be hard. A gift too small doesn't suffice and something over the top is... well over the top. Perhaps you'd like something nice to wear on a date. Whatever the reason, we've got something you'll love. 
To take the sting out of the decision, we’ve made things easier with our Valentine’s Edit. We’ve sieved through the depths of our range to select gifts that we feel will keep the peace come February 14th. 
1. Shop leather goods or 'The Special Gift'. The Special Gift has its challenges, undoubtedly. It's the small, delicate choice that speaks from the heart. It hasn't been a rash decision, it's been considered for a while. The special gift speaks volumes about how well you know your partner: if you notice the small things about them, if you know what they'll appreciate most presented it in it's most delicate form. This is the gift with the highest risk, but can also keep you out from the dog house and in the good books. For a little while at least. 
We recommend our Leather ClutchDocument Bag or Pebble Tote. Perfect to impress and certainly fitting for a big occasion.
2. Shop Beanies, Scarfs and Socks
'The Everyday Gift'. This is the logical answer to your problems: the appreciation that life's still hard- it's cold, it's windy, it's dark. What could be better than a gift you'll use day-in, day-out?
We recommend our Cream Alpaca Socks or Charcoal Grey Ribbed Merino Beanie as our most wearable everyday options. They're comfortable, smart and will keep you cosy for sure.
3. Shop Baker Boys and Fedoras.
Lastly, be sure to check out our latest Baker Boy restock. Fast becoming part of our Prévu signature, both Baker Boys and Fedoras are headwear pieces increasingly hard to get online- so whilst we’re restocked, fill your boots! They won't disappoint and are perfect to wear all year round.

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