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The Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide

Let’s be honest, no matter how much we think we know someone, selecting the right gift for them is never easy. Overthinking, under-thinking or that last minute I’ve-nearly-ruined-Christmas (for the use of a better word) impulse always comes into play around this time.

 ‘Oh you pick! Honestly I don’t mind.”

 “Whatever you choose, I’ll love it.”

Yeah, right. Two of our favourite saving-face one-liners we love to throw away around this time of year, when really if it’s not right you’ll never live it down. Whether you know it or not. But don’t worry, that’s why we’re here with our Prévu Christmas gift guide.

Gifts for Her

Typically, gifts for her consist of some jewellery, maybe a leather bag, some unnecessarily fluffy socks. Perhaps a top or some trousers. But come on, we’re better than that. Think about what she doesn’t already have, or what she loves.

Too hard? Okay we’ll do that part. We’ll think sophisticated but wearable. We’ll think smart but sport. We’ll think of a whole damn look.

Try Prévu womenswear: Co-ords paired with trainers are both versatile and comfortable. Whether it’s her Christmas Day outfit or Boxing Day loungewear we’re sure they’ll go down a treat. Or go for something bolder and check out our Blake Shearling Jacket. It’s stylish and it’s warm and it comes in a big box. That’s always a bonus.


Women's Christmas Coord


Gifts for Him

It’s not as easy as it seems, we know. Sometimes a man can be the trickiest person to buy for: It’s not just as straight forward as another winter jumper or that same aftershave he got last year. You want to help him step up his style game, we all do! Here’s a few key words to consider when on the browse:

Keyword #1: Twinset. Think designer, think tracksuit. Our trademark Twinset is the ideal gift for someone looking to match up an outfit without the leg work. Accessible to any age or any style, we’d recommend a Twinset for any hour, 7 days a week. Wear with a heavy coat or a lightweight Parka and complete the look with a classic trainer, try our Signature Trainers.


Christmas Twinset

Keyword #2: Timeless. What can he wear tomorrow, next month, in 3 months? Be smart with the way you shop and think longevity. The first that comes to mind is a Shearling Jacket, of course. Made with genuine leather and crafted signature details, our range of Shearlings are certainly timeless. Let’s rephrase: when we said 3 months, that’s changed to… forever.


Christmas Shearling Jacket

Keyword #3: Footwear. An absolute must for a complete look is a nice pair of trainers and, as it happens, we’ve recently extended our collection. We’ve got both Annecy and Signature trainers in a variety of shades to round off and approve the fact that he’s got it. He knows what he’s doing. He’s got it and you got it, for him. So if the two of you get it then its got. Gift sorted.

Keyword #4: Essentials. Don’t be fooled into thinking essentials are boring because they don’t have to be. Far from it! Our range of Joggers, Hoodies and Sweatshirts are up there with some of our all-time greats. Whether it’s a classic signature P embroidery, or a crafted knit hood from our Iceland range, they’re clean, wearable and versatile. We think a core tracksuit with a long over coat is a style force to be reckoned with.


Christmas Knitwear